What Are The New Features In Sql Server 2016?

MS SQL 2016 has done number of major Changes

Microsoft released the preview of SQL Server 2016 (Consumer Technology Preview). 2016 which is not as directly focused on Azure features.

  • Query Store in SQLserver
    The problem many organizations face when they upgrading versions of SQL Server is changes in the query optimizer negatively impacting performance. Without testing, this has traditionally been a hard problem to identify The Query Store feature maintains a history of query execution plans with their performance data and quickly identifies queries got slower recently, allowing administrators or developers to force the use of an older, better plan if needed.
  • The Polybase Option
    In few years. Hadoop and Big Data have been all the rage, Hadoop is a costly way to store large amounts of data. Microsoft had introduced Polybase, SQL Server connector to Hadoop (and Azure Blob Storage) to its data warehouse appliance Analytics Platform System in 2015. But now Microsoft has incorporated that functionality into the regular on-premises product. This feature will benefit you if your regular data processing involves dealing with a lot of large text files — they can be stored in Azure Blob Storage or Hadoop, and queried as if they were database tables.
  • Now you can Stretch your Database
    In SQL server 2016 now we can stretch our databases. While it some time to be cheap to buy a 3TB drive from Amazon, if you are buying enterprise-class SAN storage you will know that storage is still very expensive. Microsoft is trying to help reduce your storage with a hybrid feature called “Stretch Database.”
  • JSON Support By Sqlserver
    With Support of direct querying to Hadoop, SQL Server 2016 adds support of scripting language JSON lots of other large databases added this support in few years as the trend towards Web APIs using JSON has increased. Sql server 2016 providing the ability to quickly move JSON data into tables.
  • Row Security in sqlserver
    In sqlserver 2016 provides (row level security) with this feature user is restricted to viewThe row level data SQL Server 2016 introduces this feature, which is very useful in multi environments where you may want to limit data access based on customer ID.

– Yasir Kamaal

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