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Today the pace of technological development is so high that we have been benefitted in every aspect of life thanks to the digital technology. The picture is not a win-win all the time as it seems but the very digital progress makes us a bit anxious about the cyber security. The World Wide Web has created the virtual network of inconceivable size so the risk of digital information follows. SSDN education, a premier training institute in cyber security courses has set the benchmark in the field.

In this virtual world, any kind of information is available on the internet these days. From professional confidentiality to personal details, everything is at a risk because of the unethical hackers. They are adopting byzantine techniques to breach the internet security and rob our delicate information. Eventually, it is the duty of IT professionals to counter attack the unethical behavior of such hackers. SSDN Education, a cyber-security training institute in Gurgaon along with its pioneer trainers and edge cutting programs promises to create “ethical hackers”.


The scope of cyber security jobs is becoming wider and deeper. Firstly, no organization wants to part with their working secrets and secondly, customers are their asset and putting their asset’s details at stake is definitely a no-no. Hence, SSDN Education’s Cyber Security training will bring in for you both the confidence and the job openings.

Here are some brownie points you will earn through SSDN Education’s certification:-

  • We have a secured name in the list of prominent IT trainers and our certification will hike your credibility during interviews.
  • We have the 3 most appreciable and amply in demand Cyber Security Programs.
  • SSDN Education’s scholarly trainers go all-out to keep their students updated with the latest threats, alerts, mitigation strategies and every concept that an ethical hacker should be aware of.
  • From getting a well-off job to getting a job promotion, from only adding to your web security knowledge to making you an expert, SSDN Education is your trustworthy ladder.
  • Certified skills will get you hold of handsome salaries.
  • Our certification will build the trust of your employer in you, your skills, your knowledge and your experience.
  • Also, our certification will keep you competitive for all the times to come.

Let our certification amaze your future boss!

Certified Secure Computer User is the foremost option for all learners of Cyber Security. We, at SSDN Education, aim to make you the masters of this fundamental program. SSDN Education is a leading and best CSCU training institute in Gurgaon.

It is much imperative to get hold of CSCU to save from harm all sorts of information placed at the web. At the concluding day of this training, we promise you to have a satisfying experience of learning and be ready to step in the job field as one of the best professionals.

Basic contents of this course are as below:-

  • Primary understanding of an assortment of computers,
  • Threats to the network security,
  • Cyber frauds inclusive of phishing scams, virus and backdoors attack email hoaxes, sex offenders etc.

Our CSCU certification is an assured way to talk about your skills and be regarded as the opener of your career in cyber security.

Certified Ethical Hacker Training (CEH v9 Certification)

With more grave threats on the internet, there is a dire need to shatter such threat makers. This is why organizations are demanding CEH v9 certified personnel. Your training at SSDN Education will make you a “Hack Proof” expert and this is whom every company wants to recruit. For getting trained and become employable the SSDN Education is the best CEH training institute in Delhi


Why should SSDN Education be your place of training?


  • We are India’s one of the illustrious training institute for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv9) course based in Gurgaon (Officially Gurugram), Delhi NCR.
  • Our course is designed to brand you as an Ethical Hacker and Penetration Tester.
  • SSDN Education’s CEH course is the combination of versatility, newness and progressive course casing more than 270 attack technologies within 18 extensive modules.
  • We make you experience the best combination of theory of cyber security and the practicalities in the hacking test network
  • We are specialized in Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v9) Course.
  • We deliver official training of CEH course training from certified trainers.
  • We follow official training structure of EC-Council.
  • What do you learn with us?
  • Testing, scanning, hacking and safeguarding computers, other systems and networks.
  • Awareness of hacking attacks and threats to the cloud computing technology.
  • Using various tools to enter the network systems to test their strength.
  • Details of all newest Viruses, Trojans, and Backdoors.

SSDN Education, a leading CND training institute in Gurgaon is a dedicated follower, learner, and teacher of newer IT concepts. This is what compels us to give our students a front step in the competition. With our new courses, you are prepared to have a robust career start. This makes us proffer you the course of Certified Network Defence. With our CND certification, you convey to your potential employers that you are well informed about cyber security trends. As a professional trained at our institute, they will always consider you up for the job and you can pull yourself higher payments.


Why should you select SSDN Education?


  • We make you enough capable to shield against the weak points of the network infrastructure.
  • We generate Ethical hackers to replace all the illegal hackers.
  • Our teaching environment is very interactive and provides you with chances to exhibit your skills.
  • We have practical sessions under qualified supervisors to test, scan, hack and secure your own systems.
  • We provide you world-class labs and intensive environment to give a learning practical experience with the current essential security system.
  • We impart easy ways to understand the working of perimeter defenses.
  • You will learn how intruders escalate privileges and what measures can be taken to secure a system.
  • Our training will make you reach faster at your ultimate goal of high paid jobs and more job satisfaction.
how can we help you?

Contact us at the SSDN Education office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

It is good learning experiencing with Anoop Sir, His way of teaching is great, his teaching approach is made and understands thing practical.
So that it’s easy to understand for me as a student.

Manoj Bansiwal

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