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Citrix NetScaler is basically an Application delivery controller (ADCs) and they are purpose-built networking appliances that help in improving the security, performance, and resiliency of applications.

The Citrix NetScaler product line delivers applications over the Internet and private networks, combining application-level security, optimization, and traffic management into a single, integrated appliance. Scalability of an Internet application infrastructure gets improved throughout.

NetScaler Unified Gateway provides the ability to receive traffic from a single virtual server and then internally direct that traffic, as appropriate, to virtual servers that are bound to the Unified Gateway virtual server. SSDN Education offers a verity of training in Citrix Courses. Citrix Certification equips you with the required skillset which helps you to excel in the corporate world. SSDN Education, a renowned brand in IT and Process Management Training in Gurgaon provides quality training in Citrix NetScaler. SSDN also boast of being an Authorized Citrix Training Centre in Gurgaon.

SSDN Education has retained its name as a top IT training brand and tirelessly striving to generate skilled workforce in IT industry. We boast of our exceptional expertise in the IT training field and we are for a reason best Training Institute for Citrix NetScaler. Our tutors and the well-equipped labs make you confident about the learning which helps you acquire knowledge only to excel in your career path easily.

Here is a list of courses to enhance your skills:-

This course’s objective is to lay the foundation of Citrix NetScaler concepts among the candidates. This course has been designed in such a way that it imparts the basic knowledge of the Citrix NetScaler management. SSDN education, a premier Citrix NetScaler Training Institute in Gurgaon offers a best in industry training in CNS 28. The course has the objective to make students have a brief understanding of NetScaler operation management, high availability and the loads balancing. In this course, the students will work on securely setting and configuring their own NetScaler environments, grasp technical skills for load balancing to increase efficiency and reliability of applications, and debug common issues related to network and connectivity. This course is entirely re-fabricated and the benefits are improved lab and re-organized course content to incorporate the NetScaler features. Candidates wanting to enhance their skills and knowledge about NetScaler essentials and Traffic Management are advised to take CNS 220 course.

This is two days Citrix NetScaler Traffic Management training. Participants will learn qualitatively about the features such as configuring and merging. This course is designed for participants, who have basic NetScaler experience and SSDN Education assures you of quality training in CNS 29. Sills such as Global Server load balancing, Content Switching and Traffic Optimization which students will learn in detail. At the end of the training, the participant can implement NetScaler triticale technology, configure advanced load balancing, and optimize the NetScaler systems for efficient traffic switching and management and resilience requirements including content switching and disaster recovery. Also, he/she would be able to employ tools to troubleshoot common connectivity and network issues.

This course of Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Traffic Management is designed to lay the foundation of NetScaler concepts and techniques among the candidates. This course is best suited for the candidate, who has no familiarity with NetScaler and looking to deploy and manage NetScaler environment. We the SSDN Education is a renowned Citrix NetScaler training institute in Gurgaon. The primary objective of this course is to impart techniques to implement, configure, secure, optimize, monitor, and troubleshoot a Citrix NetScaler system.
For the ease of learning the purpose, this course is divided into two parts: NetScaler Essentials and NetScaler Traffic Management. While pursuing the first part, the candidate will learn about the concepts of High Availability, Secure Load Balancing, and significance of SSL in securing NetScaler. In the second part, the candidate will grasp concepts related to Content Switching, Traffic Optimization, and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB). At the end of this course, the candidate will be able to implement NetScaler TriScale concepts and set up advanced load balancing and GSLB on the NetScaler concepts.

In this 2 day course, a candidate will learn about configuring and managing NetScaler Gateway and Unified Gateway features. CNS-221 is the course which is designed especially for engineers, administrators and the architects who actually find themselves new to Unified Gateway and NetScaler Gateway though are familiar with NetScaler. Join SSDN Education for the best in industry training in Citrix NetScaler.

Participants will come to know through this course, implementation of the Unified Gateway and NetScaler Gateway components along with defining end-user access and configuring authentication. Candidate will be able to configure their own NetScaler environments to address remote access requirements for Apps and Desktops.

This course actually is a combination of the Unified Gateway and the Citrix NetScaler. This course is fitted for participants who are looking to get familiar with NetScaler concepts and features and integrating Unified Gateway with additional features. In the first part, i.e. Citrix NetScaler Essentials, you will learn the configuration of NetScaler environment which include Secure load balancing, High Availability, NetScaler operation management and significance of SSL in securing NetScaler. In the other part, the participant will understand how to configure and implement Gateway components including configuring authentication and defining end-user access. SSDN Education understands the needs and provides the best-personalized training in NetScaler. On completion of this course, the candidate will understand functionalities and capabilities of NetScaler and will be able to configure their own NetScaler environments to address remote access requirements for Apps and Desktops.

This Secure Web Applications course as a Citrix NetScaler Advanced Topic has an underlying main objective is to make participants learn about deploying and managing AppFirewall, i.e. NetScaler Application Firewall. This advanced course is for the candidates who possess hands-on experience with NetScaler environments or at least have done one of CNS 220 or CNS 222 courses and at SSDN Education you be pretty much sure of the quality training in CNS-318. Under this course, the candidate will learn about various types of web attacks, their protection and signatures, AppFirewall profiles and policies, NetScaler security features, successful deployment of AppFirewall, and troubleshooting the AppFirewall. On completion of the course, the candidate will be able to configure AppFirewall to secure web applications and also identify common web attacks and liabilities.

This advanced course of Citrix NetScaler on Management and Optimization deals with administering a Citrix NetScaler environment and optimizing NetScaler managed application delivery traffic using NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS). The prerequisite for the course is previous experience in NetScaler. This advanced course builds skills required to centrally manage multiple NetScaler platforms. SSDN Education through its highly experienced Citrix Trainers in Gurgaon and its quality training in CNS 319 lets you build skill set required to perform configuration changes, visualize infrastructure, and report on transactions passing through the NetScaler environment. Another feature that one will learn about includes Caching, NetScaler Web logging, Frontend Optimization, and TCP/HTTP optimization. On completion of the course, one will have the understanding to manage and automate network services with Citrix NetScaler Management and Analytics System and optimize NetScaler managed application delivery traffic.

This is an advanced course on Citrix NetScaler for the candidates who have working experience on NetScaler containing advanced topics such as Optimization, Management, and Security. It deals with deployment and utilization of NetScaler Management and Analytics System. This course provides understanding required to manage Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall (AppFirewall) and to administer a Citrix NetScaler environment using NetScaler Management and Analytics System or optimize NetScaler managed app traffic. This course is offered at SSDN Education, a leading Citrix Training Institute in Gurgaon and the course is being taught the way it should be. Our highly experienced tutors are our asset which would make you learn the course in a unique manner. Participants will learn about various web attacks, protections, signatures, AppFirewall policies and profiles, and troubleshooting. Also, you will learn the skills to centrally manage multiple NetScaler platforms, monitoring on transactions passing through the NetScaler environment, visualize infrastructure components, features including Caching, Frontend Optimization, NetScaler Weblogging, and TCP/HTTP optimization. Apart from automating the network services with Citrix NetScaler Management and Analytics System, the participant will be able to address application services security requirements at the end of the course.1

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