Web Development

Web Development

The concept of digital marketing is in sheer vogue and it is here to stay for years to come. Due to E-marketing, it is the prime need of every small and big organization to have own website. While laying a foundation is the physical need to establish an organization, Website Development is the virtual need.

There are innumerable businesses in the world, therefore, an incalculable number of jobs to developing a website. SSDN Education, a leading Web Development Training Institute in Gurgaon with its course can polish your potential and bag you opulent job opportunities.

After completing SSDN Education’s Web Development Training, you can vouch for an eye-catching website to your client at a desirable pay.

Our intellectual trainers have woven and will continue to weave bright careers for:-

  • Web engineers
  • Web content developers
  • Web Servers
  • Network Security Administrators
  • E-commerce developers

… and IT professionals from all fields.


Our training programs cover wide ranges of Web Development.

From developing the simplest plainly written website to the most complex website full of animations, from e-business to social networking websites, we make sure that you gain expertise in developing every kind of website. SSDN Education’s trainers are professional website developers who possess dazzling creativity and hefty knowledge.

Now when you know the perks of being a web developer, get enrolled at SSDN Education to initiate a remarkable career start!

    PHP, the recursive acronym of Hypertext Pre-processor is that tool which makes scripting language into codes an easy task. PHP is widely accepted because it is easy, essential and can be embedded into HTML plus other web frameworks. PHP certification from SSDN Education will articulate your fluency and command on this computer language.

    We suggest you to take up this course because websites these days employ WordPress which is based on PHP. SSDN Education, one of the best web development training institutes possesses highly experienced expert of PHP who will make you grasp this talent much expertly. Along with the classroom training in Gurgaon location, you can even learn web designing online.

    What do you learn with us?

    • Quick coding and decoding of languages.
    • Easy integration of AJAX, Call-back and other programs.
    • Interfacing PHP with Apache/ MySQL.
    • Accessing various web-based tools through PHP including Google maps etc.
    • Working on PDFs, GIFs and other techniques through PHP.
    • Ability to crack the PHP certification exam.Attending classes at SSDN Education for this course will authenticate your know-how regarding PHP. Become a recognized PHP developer with SSDN today!

    The number of Smartphone users has rocketed and has gained Angular JS a lot of name and fame. SSDN Education enables you to enjoy recognition as a developer of striking mobile applications in a short span.

    The structure of Angular JS converts the classical HTML to the contemporary two-way-binding that automates the synchronization of models. SSDN Education’s course is designed to help you smarten up your portfolio.

    What do you learn with us?

    • Decoupling DOM manipulation from application logical work.
    • Disengaging the client side of an application from the server side.
    • Creation and configuration of a mobile application.
    • Designing the UI through writing business logic.
    • Scripting mobile code on IOS without exchanging UI.
    • Improving, testing and increasing efficiency of the mobile applications.
    • Developing vastly scalable, testable and rapid web client-side code.

    With us, you will be an Angular JS professional having the high-quality insight of developing an application. SSDN Education will get you into the affluent career field quickly.

    how can we help you?

    Contact us at the SSDN Education office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

    It is good learning experiencing with Anoop Sir, His way of teaching is great, his teaching approach is made and understands thing practical.
    So that it’s easy to understand for me as a student.

    Manoj Bansiwal

    Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.