Linux Mint “Sylvia” officially released as Cinnamon and MATE Editions

Linux is a long-time praised open source operating system. Most of the computer users prefer Linux over windows for its peculiarities and uniqueness. Therefore we daresay Linux would really replace windows sooner or later but for sure. The implications of the circumstances over the years in the arena of IT overtly hint that the Desktop Linux is gaining market share slowly. Recently Linux announced the release of its Linux Mint Operating System with 18.3 version named as “Sylvia”. This newest latest form of Linux OS could be the ever best alternative to the Windows 10 as it is seen so.

Cinnamon and MATE editions

“Sylvia”, that is Linux Mint 18.3 has been officially rolled out with the desktop environments, Mate 1.18 and Cinnamon 3.6 with some exciting new features and major improvements its earlier version. The Linux 4.10 Kernel will power the latest released operating system with the longer support say up to 2021 and this seems a very impressive move. Now it has become easier to install third-party applications such as Google Earth, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. The following some of the features that are evident and stand out as revamped and new in the released version of Linux OS –

  • Sylvia is considered stable and reliable
  • Software Manager Utility for easy installation of third-party software
  • An updated System Reports feature
  • Spell checking support for various languages
  • Flatpak universal binary format supported
  • Timeshift, a new tool for system snapshot
  • By default installed Redshift
  • Above all, unlike Windows, with Linux you feel the computer is yours; No tracking of your activities all

For certain reasons and the comfort of using a desktop, Linux Mint undoubtedly becomes an alternative for Windows. With the major improvements mentioned above, there are numerous such revamped features that make the new version truly deserved. For more and detailed information on features about Cinnamon and Mate version check out the official notes by Linux Mint.

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