8 Best Features Of Upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators

Microsoft is all set to release updates to its operating system windows 10 in come October. The existing machines can be upgraded with the new updates or the all new updates will be available with new machines as preinstalled. The new updates are given the name – “Fall Creators Update”. These creators update has a code name 1709 in the format of yymm which tells 09 stands for September but in actual the release would be done in October. This time Microsoft has added some of the welcome features of Windows 10 which you really like. Let’s see what they are.

Cortana Setup

The moment you start installing the new updates afresh the Cortana will guide you the whole process until it finishes. The process of installing is simplified. Another feature that adds credit to Cortana is that you can work easily across your devices.

Travel back easily with timeline

Jump back with the help of timeline and find what was that previous work you were working on. With this feature, you just find those files, sites, and apps.

Continuity in work even if logged out of system

You can continue your work on other devices even if logged out of the current system. After logging out, Cortana is prompt to ask you if you want to continue this work on your other devices. You can copy paste the current work between connected devices.

No need of physical storage drive

One Drive Files On Demand lets you access your files from the cloud and you can see you all files in File Explorer. You can access the files whenever they are needed.

Game Mode

Your gaming experience will be improved with this new update. With the new game mode, the background tasks will be reduced and the gaming will be prioritized. With Beam streaming, you can stream your game sessions to your friends

Picture-in picture mode

You are now able to do multiple tasks with the Picture-in-picture mode. You just keep watching your content while doing other work such as browsing, placing calls through Skype all at once.

Paint 3D

Building 3D objects is now possible on Windows PC. It’s a touch friendly or just use the stylus and create objects with a great ease. This one is a very interesting feature as it’s probably the only creative feature added to the window this time.

Windows Hello becomes quicker

The recognizing process used for facial scanning has been greatly quickened with this new creators update. Windows Hello would scan your face and display whom you are in a speedier manner as never before.

These all above are the all new or upgraded features that you can experience just in few months after the release of this Creators update. Apart from these above-mentioned features, you will have some of the other features like improvements to the Microsoft Edge, Inking in Windows Photos, Dynamic Lock, and Night light, etc.

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