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Online Training

Matching the speed of technology is very important. We must walk and embrace all the new concepts trending. Also, there might be students who have to face the physical and distance constraints in learning. This is why we have introduced E-training or online training.

SSDN Education has tried to bridge the gap between you and your desire to learn. Here is to your chances of getting your hands on to the attaining wide skills and knowledge without having to come at the physical places. We have a vast set of online courses to enhance your skillfulness and competence. Our online training platform professionally and proficiently delivers skills, knowledge and learning material to our students and that too at the location of their choice.

How we provide training online?

The working of both online and offline training is much alike in nature. Only the physical things turn into virtual things. In our online course, the trainees come in the direct contact of their instructors through LIVE broadcasts. These interactions between the trainers and the trainees are much real, interesting, effective and productive. All the doubts and queries of the students will be heard and answered simultaneously. To put forward any interrogation, we make use of voice commands or instant message (IM) during the entire session. Our online mechanism is so real that all the interactions among trainees, trainers and fellow students create a very engaging and holistic environment. This online course is as good as any other one to one communication.

You can derive another benefit from our online course. You will even get practically trained so that we cover your need of real-time evaluation. This shall let the student to espouse and employ the skills that they have learnt in their online training. The purpose behind this is to hone practicality and to enrich the memory retention power.

What we do for a better quality online learning experience?

We want you to be excited to come back again for the online course. We care to eliminate maximum ordeals in the way of your online learning. Before beginning with your online course our team makes certain by connecting with you that your system has linked up well and is properly configured to run the class environment as well as the software you will be learning. However, to have an exemplary experience, we recommend you to make use of the latest updated internet browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, IE etc. and a good internet connection.

Be well equipped with sound enabled devices preferably headphones and a microphone.

Our online training course is immensely popular and helpful for those who are unable to attend classes on daily basis or pursuing some job or taking up another activity etc. We have tried our best to make you feel like you are attending an actual classroom. Our online training also has the option for evaluation and keeping a check on your learnt skills. We not only help you to judge your problematic areas but also help you to combat the hurdles in your growth and development.

Feel relieved because with our online course you get our industry certified classroom training experience at all the places where you have access to the Internet.

Yes! It is now possible with us to learn and earn anywhere anytime virtually!

how can we help you?

Contact us at the SSDN Education office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

It is good learning experiencing with Anoop Sir, His way of teaching is great, his teaching approach is made and understands thing practical.
So that it’s easy to understand for me as a student.

Manoj Bansiwal

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.