About Corporate Training

The corporate world is a dynamic environment globally. Corporate filed nowadays has become more of speculative nature. It is changing at such a fast pace that it can be labeled as next to unpredictable. Here, only the foreseer of the corporate market can survive and outshine.

We, at SSDN Education strive to be and make the superlative visionaries of corporate field. We achieve this agenda by working on predicting 3 events rather than just 1. While the first and the sole training every other institute will provide you is for looking into the corporate future opportunities. But we are unique and we besides having a corporate futuristic insight, what we have in for you are sessions for introspection and striking a balance between interests of different interests.


We help you to step towards winning by knowing yourself first of all. You are half way done when you know your own mental and emotional processes. The industry today hunts for employees who are loyal, persistent, long term relationship holder, virtuous and emotionally stable because they prove to be their asset in the long run. We provide you time for such introspection and are certain to get you a competitive edge. Our training helps you to maintain your inner calm, tame your emotional unsteadiness and wake your spiritual well-being. With our “self-analysis” sessions you are set to score more chances of selection.


It is no news that to stick your place in the market you have to be a pantomath. With our corporate training you can score a total ten on ten in the corporate-knowledge quotient. Our training is a well systematic effectively efficient process. From analyzing environmental drivers to enhancing the tools for corporate victories, from studying the competitive environment to adopting the productive strategies, we are trained to teach you the best. Our training is a well proven technique in upgrading your sustained competitiveness.

We impart all the vast knowledge about the various tools and techniques of IT and ITeS. Both being the chief enablers in having an advantage in the business battles, are our topmost priority in training sessions. We also provide for excelling all other technologies and skills which may help you in any way to gain long-term holistic growth at personal, organizational and universal level.


The clash between the individual and global interests is not the unusual. Leaving it unattended would lead to collapse of the corporate market. This is why there is a strong need to strike a balance between the two. SSDN Education’s corporate training helps you to bridge the gap between both kinds of interests.

With this as the focus we lay immense importance on the personality related competencies along with the development of the technical skills development. We are well known of the requirements of the global environment and the distinctive desires of the local clients or the organizations. The unbeaten and successful way to deal with this gap is to have a global perception with local customization. We target on quality evaluation beyond certification. The test of efficacy of trained employees’ abilities and knowledge is of more significance in increasing the productivity. This gives more reliable results than the grades mentioned in the certified examination.

We must accept the fact that even talents of a person may be temporary. What is limelight trait might become old-fashioned tomorrow. Also, demands of the clients/customers may take a flip. What is a gem today might turn into trash tomorrow. Consequently, we highlight the concept of re-learning rather than just mugging and cementing some particular traits.

For us, the ultimate way to learn something with highest mastery is “learning by doing”. This leads to our concept of projects works which the trainee does under supervision of an expert. The trainer here employs the transformational approach for his/her trainee’s development. Here, the trainer believes that each trainee has his/her own set of strengths and requirements; thereby each trainee needs to be addressed accordingly. Last but not the least we keep up the zeal in our trainees with the idea of contribution by the trainees. More their contribution, more will be the chances of their promotion and other benefits.

  • Our Prestigious Clients

We are contended to have this boon and privilege to render our services to more than 20 illustrious corporate organizations in the area of training and skills development. To quote a few, the notable esteem names out of them are the IBM, Accenture, TCS, Tech Mahindra, HCL and Wipro.

They are gladly pleased with our training sessions ranging from networking, advanced languages, virtualization and MS Project Management Bedsides competencies in IT systems.

They have given us this privilege ample of times. We consider it to be the testimony of our sincerity, merit and rigor of providing high quality training to these highly influential organizations that they offer us this opportunity repetitively.

It is our duty and venture to evolve better, improve faster and remain ahead in knowledge management area to give our clients an upper hand in all the competitions. The productivities of our trainees in their parent organizations reflect the true indicator of our growth.

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It is good learning experiencing with Anoop Sir, His way of teaching is great, his teaching approach is made and understands thing practical.
So that it’s easy to understand for me as a student.

Manoj Bansiwal

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.